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5-20-2012: 1968 Covers

Dwight Baker: – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] [/hide-this-part] David Butler: – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] [/hide-this-part] Scott Davis:  – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] [/hide-this-part] Mike Seminari:  – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] [/hide-this-part] Todd Sapio:  – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] [/hide-this-part] Scott Graham:  – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”]   [/hide-this-part]  Dietrich Schmidt:  – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] [/hide-this-part]  Patty Drew: – [hide-this-part morelink= […]

5-13-2012: Quiet Desperation

Dwight Baker: – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] I got a mean streak I’ll punch your lights out I’ll fight real dirty And that’s all right I got some big dreams but I can’t find them I got some problems And that’s alright I love my mama born in el paso My dads an asshole And thats […]

5-6-2012: Love Isn’t Blind

Dwight Baker: Love Isn’t Blind – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] I’m like a  boat being battered by the rain Gotta a black heart goin under the waves Try and start being better everyday But damn I’ll find a way to fuck it up again Gotta young gun comin from behind I’m an old dog baby steady […]

4-29-2012: Get Lost

Dwight Baker:Get Lost(Hey motherfuckers listen up) – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] Get Lost(Hey motherfuckers listen up) Hey mother fuckers listen up I got a cold 40 ounces in my cup I got the cooler straight filled with snacks Got the iPod filled with tracks Gonna take a boat ride out around the lake Watch my baby girl […]

4-22-2012: Where You Lay Your Head

Dwight Baker: Where You Lay Your Head – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] Where You Lay Your HeadI like the way you style your hair I like the simple things you do And you might be unaware But I might be lovin you I like your way to big sunglasses I like your even bigger heart You […]

4-15-2012: Sea Of Knives

Dwight: The Sea Of Knives is Calm – David: Sunshine – [hide-this-part morelink= “lyrics”] VERSE 1: I’m drowning in your sea of knives again Cut so deep, my heart bleeds from outisde in The blue sea’s turning red again Just one thing can save us now, that’s love I fire back with bullets bent for […]

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